Is the mentor who guides me qualified?

Yes, absolutely! Your mentor has more than 25 years of practical experience in fashion and photography and 6 years in teaching. Before that, she studied 1 year teaching, 4 years fashion and other 4 years photography. She is an authority in this field.

Can I ask questions if I don’t understand?

Yes, you can. We have every month a recorded Q&A session. Questions need to be delivered before the 15th of each month. This session will be recorded, so you can listen to it at your own chosen time and skip the questions you are not interested in. Also in the group classes, you can ask question any time, but technical questions will be answered in the group Q&A, because those might benefit all students.

What equipment do I need?

First of all, you need a camera that works manually as well as semi automatically. You also need one lens to start with. A zoom lens gives you the most variety in focal length. During the training, you learn, which lens to choose, and which one suits your style, so don’t buy more too soon. Other things you need: A computer with Photoshop, Bridge and Camera RAW software installed. Those are the basics.

I don’t know anything about photography yet; will it be too difficult for me?

No, we start at the basic and with clear and simple steps you will become advanced. Don’t worry; we will help you understand everything.

I already do know a lot about photography, can I only follow the fashion related classes?

No, but you can get a discount if you already know all technical skills needed. If you want it, check money related questions.

What is the difference between the group class and the solo class?

The group classes are set starting dates, and you will be added in a Facebook classroom group where you can meet other students starting at the same date, who can give you extra motivation. We will also share the personal video reviews here, so you can learn from each other. Also, you can ask questions in here. The technical questions will be answered in de Q&A though…

The solo class can start at any date you want, but you will miss your classmates who give you extra motivation. Also, you miss the opportunity to ask questions any time. We do recommend the group class! You can send your questions in to get the recorded Q&A sessions each month.

Is this training also for analogue fashion photography?

Most of the training is, although three topics we haven’t covered in this training: how to develop your films, printing photos in the darkroom and measuring light with a light meter. So, if you are into analogue Fashion Photography and you want to follow these classes, you need to learn those skills elsewhere.

Do I get a certificate at the end of your 6 months training?

Yes, you do. After fulfilling all assignments with a good result, you get a Certificate of Completion and you are ready to start your career as a professional Fashion Photographer.

When do I become a MEMBER?

After purchasing “Fashion Photographer in 6 Months” You are a lifetime MEMBER. Or you are in fact a student, who can login at any time, including future updates.


How much time should I invest?

The classes will take about 20/30 minutes, depending which one. You have two classes a week. Next to the lessons, you get also assignments: research and technical assignment, which take together, approximately a day of your time.

Is there a set date to start?

Yes and no. There are three set dates to start: Beginning of January, September and May.

Although if you prefer to start right after you registered, or you just prefer another date, this is also possible, you just choose the FPA SOLO. If you choose the FPA SOLO, but you don’t want to start right away, contact us and let us know your chosen starting date, so we arrange everything for you.

What if I need more than 6 months, can I still view my classes?

Yes, you can. You get unlimited entrance to your membership area in case you need more time, or want to repeat classes. Future updates included. Your mentoring is only valid for these 6 months. You can book extra mentoring sessions after these six months with a special 50 % discount.

Can I enter all my classes at once and/or do it faster?

You can’t enter them all at once, because we think you will be overloaded. We want you to make progression in the right order, so this is not possible. 6 months is already a fast-growing learning curve and you really need this time to grow. You also need this time to build up your portfolio.


How can I pay and do I get an invoice?

You can pay by Credit Card, Ideal, PayPal, and Apple pay. Directly after you paid, you get an invoice by mail.

Can I afford this?

After following these classes and getting 2 assignments, then you’ve already won your investment back!

And it’s the only education platform in the world, where you make such a quick progression in Fashion Photography! You can have a job on the side, while working on your dreams! However, the payments must be done before starting date.

Another option is to become an affiliate, while following these classes. When you post your assignments, or behind the scenes photos, you can add a personal discount link for your relatives and earn this way your invested money back.

Is it a one-time payment only?

In general, it’s a one-time payment, but if you prefer, you can pay the amount in 4 separate installments. However, all payments must be done before starting date. Just send us an email and we arrange it for you. finance@fashionphotographyacademy.com

Can I pay now and start later?

You can. If you choose the group training, this goes automatically, you will start on your chosen date. If you choose the Fashion Photographer in 6 Months SOLO, please send us an email that you want to start later and which date exactly so we arrange your chosen starting date for you. finance@fashionphotographyacademy.com

What if the program is not what I expected?

There’s a 14-days money-back guaranteed.­­­­­ So you have 4 lessons and an extra bonus lesson, to change your mind. You do need to ask for a refund within the first 2 weeks after your program have started. finance@fashionphotographyacademy.com

When can I have a discount?

If you register with two persons at the same time, we give you a discount of € 400,- each. Do you register with 3 persons, you will get a discount of € 600,- each and with 4 persons a discount of € 800,- each. Just send us an email here, and we’ll send you the discount code. There’s also another possibility, check the next question. Please note that there’s only one discount possible.

If I already know a lot about photography, can I get a discount?

If you already studied Photography or if you have really good technical skills in photography, you can apply for a discount of € 600,- Contact us here. In a zoom session of 15 minutes, you show your work and knowledge (you get 5 technical questions as a test) so we can decide if you really control all photography skills needed. If you prove you have the right technical knowledge, you can get a discount. Please note that there’s only one discount possible.

Can I earn money as a Fashion Photographer after this training?

Yes, absolutely! We will give you all tools to take your new gained profession to the next level! With the portfolio you have build during our training, you can start approaching your dream clients and show them what you’ve got!

Do I save time and money following “Fashion Photographer in 6 months”?

Yes, you do! When you participate these 6 months, you don’t need to follow another Photography or Art school so you save yourself 3,5 years of time and money. Fashion Photography Academy has all needed topics covered and even offer your more knowledge than a regular school.

I want to be an Affiliate for Fashion Photographer in 6 months, is this possible?

Yes, absolutely, you can be an Affiliate for “Fashion Photographer in 6 Months“. If you like an affiliate link, please click here. With this link, you can give your relatives a discount and earn money at the same time.

Do you have another question?

Email us at info@fashionphotographyacademy.com

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