FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER in 6 Months – Online GROUP Training, starting 1 may


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What’s included?

  • 48 video classes, 2 classes a week (20/30 min each)
  • 48 downloadable Workbooks, 1 of each lesson
  • Assignments after every class to practice your technique and explore your creative skills
  • 6 personal video mentoring sessions every end of the month
  • Every month a recorded Q&A session (Questions & Answers)
  • Online group class with other students
  • Unlimited membership entrance, so you can repeat classes, including future updates 
  • Certificate of Completion
  • A portfolio that gives you a kick-start in Fashion Photography

What will you get?

48 Video-Classes, 2 classes a week of approximately 20/30 minutes.

Each week a lesson about fashion and inspiration. Here, you learn to understand fashion, and how it’s related to society. You also learn what it takes to create strong concepts and mood-boards and you learn to understand different Target Audiences. We’ll show you how you can push your creative boundaries and we are going to search for YOUR special Signature, that will make YOU stand out from the crowd. You learn how to find inspiration and you learn about good preparation, which will contribute to better results!

Each week a technical lesson. In here, you’ll learn all about the technical aspects, like settings on your camera, and working with different kinds of lights and lenses, to get different kinds of results. We’ll learn you all about studio light and working with Strobes and Speed-lights, which you could also use on location. You learn different kinds of light settings and accessories to use, to expand your creative results.

You learn about Photoshop and a few, easy-to-use, retouching technics, to beautify your fashion photos and make them even look more professional. You learn about color-grading, the use of colors and the difference between print and screen.

In the last part of these 6 months, we’ll teach you all needed business fundamentals, like visibility, media planning, pitching, marketing, brand positioning, pricing, offering and how to create a good salary. We learn you how to be a real professional, business-wise, so you have the foundation to start making money with your Fashion Photography.

And a lot more…

Assignments after each class to practice your learned technical skills and explore your creative skills. Those are the starting point for your mentor to give you tips on how to improve your Fashion Photography.

48 downloadable Workbooks, 1 for each lesson. 

6 recorded Q&A (question and answer) sessions, where you can get extra explanations, in case you still have questions. You can listen to them at your own chosen time. You send your questions in, by email.

6 personal coaching recorded videos, especially for YOU, about YOUR work, and YOUR personal progression each month, and with tips on how to improve.

Unlimited membership entrance, so you can repeat classes, including future updates.

Certificate of Completion.

Guidance to leave with an outstanding portfolio that gives you a kick-start in Fashion Photography.


*Please note that prices do not include VAT.

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