Masterclass Package – How to get amazing results by mastering your Concepts and Mood-boards


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What’s included?

  • 3 Online Video Lessons:
    1.  Target Audience
    2.  Color Vision Theory
    3.  Concepts & Mood-boards
  • 3 Downloadable Workbooks



What’s will you learn?

This package contains 3 different lessons, which forms the base for every great concept.

  • The first class, you’ll learn about Target Audiences, who’s it for and what purpose does it serves? We’ll go deeper into the differences between target groups and taste groups and why you need to know to identify your Target Audience.
  • The second class is about color and its background, but also where to find predictions of future color-trends (and trends in general). You learn which colors add strength to another and which color ranges work well together. Also you learn, how to extract a color range out of your moldboard very easily.
  • The third class you’ learn how to make a concept a convert this into a mood-board, so everybody on your team is on the same page.
    Mood-boards will also keep you sail the right track while making photos, so you’ll you will get a stronger end result.

After following these three classes you are able to make concepts, that makes your Fashion Photography signature stronger and forms the base to make every fashion photo series stand out! Next to some technical stuff, these classes forms the basic knowledge for every Fashion Photographer.

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