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Well, let me help you and guide you!

Getting to be a real Fashion Photographer is not a quick-fix road, but I have an option that’s close to is!
With your passion and effort, it’s going to be an amazing journey!

During the pandemic, I invested more than 2 years to press all my knowledge of the past 30 years in the online FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY ACADEMY. 

In here, I focus on you, getting your unique signature, so you will stand out from the crowd and leave after these 6 months with a stunning portfolio.

It’s the only educational platform in the word where you make such a quick progression in Fashion Photography and which is so complete regarding all topics, you need to learn! All of this in only 6 months! It’s an online system, so you can have a job on the side, while working on your dreams!

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You tried to be a Fashion Photographer, but you still miss:

Why learn from me?

I work for over 21 years as a professional photographer, I studied 1 year teaching, 4 years fashion and 4 years photography. After these 30 years of experience and expertise I put all my knowledge during the Pandemic, to make myself useful for others, in a half year educational platform specialized in Fashion Photography because, I thought there was a lack of real Fashion Photography education.

Besides my teaching experience, I got nominated in the category “Fashion & Beauty Photography” for PANL Awards (Netherlands) in 2001 and in 2005 and got nominated for the International Black-Spider Awards in 2009 and 7 nominations for “Best of 10 years Millionaire Magazine”.

Let me help and guide you!

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Prizes are ex 21% VAT.
All payments must be done before starting date!
After starting date, there’s a 14 days Money Back Guaranteed!

Will there be enough attention for your personal progression?

Yes, absolutely! Besides the monthly video mentoring session, you get after you send your assignments in, I keep track of your work, inspiration, the style you want to be heading to and your overall progression. It’s all about your personal development in Fashion Photography.

Can I try the program first?

We have a two weeks money-back guaranteed, so you can try 4 lessons and an extra bonus lesson. If you are not happy for some reason, you get your money back without hesitation! 

What is the difference between a  group or solo-class?

The difference are classmates online, whom you can connect with in your Facebook group. Here, you can learn from each other’s improvements, you can empower and motivate each other. Therefor I do recommend the group classes, where you start with your classmates at the same date!

More questions? Check the FAQ’s, here!

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What would you life look like?

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Prizes are ex 21% VAT.
All payments must be done before starting date!
After starting date, there’s a 14 days Money Back Guaranteed!

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